There are many reasons people suggest dressing for success. And while most of them apply in the business world; getting dressed each day can be a relevant form of self care during times of grief and loss.

Even as grieving may be a time for taking things slowly, a time of withdrawal and close attention to heart, mind and body it is also a time of nurturing health and well being. It is a time of mercy for oneself. Dressing is a way to honor yourself with loving kindness during a difficult process.

While it may be tempting to hole up, linger in bed, rustle through minimal tasks and activity in one’s pajamas, getting dressed can be a counterintuitive approach to supporting oneself towards positive feelings. Here are a few reasons for showering and getting dressed every day:

  • Even if you have no intentions of going out, dressing in your favorite comfort clothes can help you feel connected to the world outside your home.
  • Choosing comfortable or comforting favorites to wear can provide you with a sense of well-being and connection to your whole body.
  • Connect to your body by noticing how certain items of clothing make you feel. Does a pair of toasty socks help you feel warmed? Does a certain sweater remind you of your loved one?
  • It is easy to fall into wearing dark clothing when your mood is dark; pay attention to colors that may help you feel lifted up, even just a tiny bit.

Dressing each day, even in the darkest of times, can help you have a sense of readiness; you will soon have know and claim your place in the world again.