Weeding, trimming shrubs and general digging around in my garden caused me to think recently about necessary destructiveness.

Sometimes healing comes from taking things apart.

I’m not talking about tearing down walls, kicking holes or causing harm to yourself or your home. I’m speaking of a good kind destructiveness. Pulling weeds is an excellent example. It is very physical; using a hand trowel, full-sized shovel or that pointed tool specifically for pulling dandelions. Gardening requires bending, pushing, pulling, tugging, tearing all while breathing – inhaling the scents of the earth and pending renewal, exhaling the sense of powerlessness that comes from lingering difficulties, losses and change or challenging circumstances.

Creative destructiveness is thoughtful; something to undertake with a minimalist approach. Now is not the time to tackle a major home renovation project. But, taking on something that has been niggling can provide a sense of release and relief.

Creative destructiveness might look like:

  • Scraping the paint from beloved metal garden chairs.
  • Tearing old linens into strips to make something “new.”
  • Stripping the dingy kitchen wall paper down to the clean surface of a blank wall.

All of these moments of healthy destruction or deconstruction of something around you can offer an opportunity to release the physical energy of grief. At the same time, taking something apart is a form of making room for what’s next. We may not have a clear vision of what is yet to be worked out, but making room can help us move ourselves a tiny bit from the stuck places of grief. We can take apart something and wait for Spirit to inspire the next creation.

A word of caution; take care in choosing your destructive activities. Be sure to choose something in line with your physical health, fitness and well being. If you aren’t sure you are ready for physical activity, consult your physician. Prevent injury by planning your destruction project carefully.


Peace be with you,

Deb Buehler

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