The ending of one year and the beginning of another always feels to me like a time of reflection. Both personally and professionally it is an opportunity to consider what worked well, what didn’t and where I would like to focus my intentions going forward.

In recent conversations with Ellen Robinson, owner of Inspire Studio, we discovered that we were both reading joy-focused resources. We realized that something in each of our inner workings has been stirring; that joy is calling. Putting our heads together we decided that the in-between time—after Christmas and before New Year’s Day is the perfect time for opening to reflection, creativity and intention setting.

Ellen and I began conjuring a half-day offering we are calling Embody Your Joy. Slated for Tuesday December 30, 2014 from 9 a.m. until Noon at Ellen’s Inspire Studio in Broad Ripple, this event will create the space for you and your muse. During our time together we will use visualization, releasing practices art making and much more to support you in noticing and inviting in your intentions for 2015.

Use this link to learn more and register for this special offering of space and creative energy. Ellen and I look forward to exploring what it means to remember, let go, and open to possibilities during this year’s Embody Your Joy event.

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