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For more than 20 years Deb has worked as an independent writer. She has been responsible for the development of magazine, newspaper and newsletter content for a wide range of publications. She has written for Hobby Farms, Chickens and Hobby Farm Online as well as other media outlets. Some of her written content appeared under the byline Deb Buehler. More recently her work has appeared with the Deb Brandt byline.

Deb is also a strong copy editor and regularly works on a per-project basis for educational content including science and mathematics textbooks. She has also worked with individual authors serving as the developmental editor as well as offering proofreading and copy-editing support.

Creative Grief Support Practitioner

Any change in life brings new challenges. Mourning a loss can feel lonely and isolating. Some of the best actions we can take during hard times is to seek the support of others. Working with Deb as your creative grief practitioner can enable you to connect with practices that support your journey. Deb brings thoughtful listening, compassionate companionship and artistic ideas to the process of mourning.

As a creative grief support practitioner Deb helps individuals discover and discern meaning and purpose in whatever shape their “new normal” may take. This is not a therapeutic model, but rather a coaching practice that enables people to mourn and in mourning reconnect with their own deepest self. Deb is a dynamic listener and creative encourager for those moving from grief to growth.

Public Speaking

With more than 25 years of public speaking and presentation experience, Deb offers a variety of workshops, programs, and trainings.

A gifted storyteller, Deb has presented educational content across her career. A speaker and storyteller by nature, Deb has spoken for the Indianapolis and San Antonio Zoos, Conner Prairie Museum and a wide range of nonprofit organizations. She brings with her a skill set that includes creativity, dynamic and personalized interaction with her audiences and the ability to synthesize information into presentations for people of all ages.

Deb is available to provide custom presentations in support of those who would like a program about grief, loss, recovery and much more.

What is a Funeral Celebrant?

Funeral celebrants bring a personalized approach to creating a meaningful celebration of life or memorial service. Highly trained to work with grieving families, celebrants create the space so that glimpses of hope and encouragement can be experienced. When words aren’t enough, funeral celebrants bring creativity, ideas and elements of ceremony to enable families to honor and remember their loved one. Funeral celebrants serve as resources for the most difficult day in the life of a family.

Covid-19 Loss and Celebrant Offerings

Deb has developed resources for families who lose a loved one to the Coronavirus. Using her experience as a certified celebrant Deb is helping families honor their loss in the days after the death. She is also offering caring conversations to families that will enable them to think about the service they would like when public gatherings are available in the future.

Grief is all around us as we collectively and individually face the losses related to this pandemic. Everything has changed. Making meaning as these traumatic events continue to unfold is very difficult. With gentleness and care, Deb is listening to the needs of those who mourn and supporting the process of being present to fresh grief. Learn more...

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Listen to Deb's writing experiences and upcoming opportunities on Indy's Art of the Matter with Sharon Gamble on WFYI Radio.

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Working with Deb

“When you are grieving someone or something you’ve lost, there isn’t an answer or solution or just the right words to make you feel whole again. Working with Deb was a gift within my grieving. Deb’s gentleness and thoughtful listening was so compassionate.

There was healing kindness within her silence, between and among her words. She followed my lead, guiding me gently toward connection allowing me to celebrate my memories and live fully within the sadness of my loss. She helped me. My heart opened around her in a unique and unguarded manner.

It was with the utmost gratitude and highest respect that I recommend her to anyone who is working to grow within and ultimately beyond grief.”

- Jill


Certified Creative Grief Support Practitioner