Grief in the Workplace

“We got no choice. If we love, we grieve.” Thomas Lynch

The Grief Index: The Hidden Costs of Grief in America’s Workplace, estimates that on any given day one in four employees are grieving a loss. Today’s loss experiences range from the death of a loved one, colleague, coworker or friend, to divorce, financial or personal trauma and the death of a pet. And all of these losses come to work. The study also estimates that grief impacts productivity, business development, talent retention, absenteeism and performance to the tune of more than $75 billion dollars annually.

Work is the center of daily life—and returning after a loss presents challenges. What may seem like less productivity may actually be a component of one’s grief experience. As key members in the community of daily living, everyone has an opportunity to offer caring support out of a compassionate understanding of the characteristics and nature of grief. Grief shows up at work with the mourning individual. And there are many ways to encourage others through their bereavement process.

Workshops have been designed to provide an overview of the characteristics of mourning, caring strategies for companioning those who grieve and ideas for creating a safe workplace for everyone—those who mourn and those who work with them.

Grief at Work

Program Length: 3 hours

Who should attend: Colleagues of those who mourn as well as those who are grieving a major life loss.

Workshop themes: Learners will explore the definitions and differences between grief and mourning, elements of “normal grief” and healthy and helpful strategies for companioning those who mourn.

Managing Employees in Mourning

Program Length: 90 minutes

Who should attend: Managers, directors, human resources professionals

Workshop themes: This workshop offers leaders an overview of the ways in which grief can show up in the workplace. Participants will receive tools for companioning those who mourn as well as strategies for creating a supportive and encouraging work environment for a staff or department team.

Self-care and Caregiving

Program Length: 90 minutes

Who should attend: Anyone who might be challenged by juggling the stress of teens, aging parents and difficult life/care decisions.

Workshop themes: Juggling work, children, aging parents, life changing illnesses and decisions such as long term care or assisted living are just a few of the challenges workers face today. Embedded in these challenges are losses. This workshop’s content has been carefully selected to offer resources for taking care of oneself when life’s challenges become overwhelming.

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Working with Deb

“When you are grieving someone or something you’ve lost, there isn’t an answer or solution or just the right words to make you feel whole again. Working with Deb was a gift within my grieving. Deb’s gentleness and thoughtful listening was so compassionate.

There was healing kindness within her silence, between and among her words. She followed my lead, guiding me gently toward connection allowing me to celebrate my memories and live fully within the sadness of my loss. She helped me. My heart opened around her in a unique and unguarded manner.

It was with the utmost gratitude and highest respect that I recommend her to anyone who is working to grow within and ultimately beyond grief.”

- Jill


Certification in Creative Grief Support